USA AND CANADA Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship -2020-2021 APPLY NOW

ACI Foundation Undergraduate Scholarships or Graduate Scholarships for International Students in Structural Design, Materials and Construction in US and Canadian Schools.

Application deadline: December  25, 2020.

Eligible countries: all

Take advantage of (country): ACI Foundation scholarships can be awarded to anyone in the world; However, you must be enrolled in an American or Canadian university during the scholarship year.

About the Award: The ACI Foundation offers various scholarships and college scholarship opportunities to online students and members. The ACI Foundation scholarships are awarded annually to help students with a special interest achieve their educational and professional goals. The student must be considered a full-time undergraduate or graduate student as specified by the college or university in the award year. Applications will be accepted from anywhere in the world, but studies must be conducted in the United States or Canada during the award year.

Fields of study: structural design, materials and construction

Type: Bachelor, Postgraduate (Master, Doctorate)


Each student is limited to the duration of their studies, provided that they do not receive more than one scholarship and grant from the ACI Foundation.

Only one online application form will be used for all scholarships and scholarships. After answering some of the qualifying questions, the form will automatically display the scholarships for which you may be eligible. Before starting the application, have the answers to these questions:
Have you ever received a scholarship or scholarship from the ACI Foundation?
When applying, what is your current academic status (BA / BA, MA or PhD)?
When the scholarship year begins in fall 2021, what will be your academic status (BA / BA, MA, PhD)?
(For scholarship applicants only) After application season, can you attend an interview at the ACI Concrete Spring Convention on March 28, 2021? Travel, registration and hotel expenses will be taken and paid by ACI.
(For some scholarships) Can you do a 10 to 12 week internship during the summer of 2021?
For the entire semester (fall semester 2021 to spring semester 2022), you must be a full-time student for the entire academic year.

Selection Criteria: Based on the essays, data provided, and validation, the ACI Foundation Scholarship Board will select those fellows and fellows who appear to have the strongest combination of interest and potential for professional success in the field. tangible industry.

How to apply: applications are now open for the 2021-2022 season! You can start by reviewing the requirements in the links below. Once you have read the requirements, click on one of the buttons below to start your application.

It is important to follow the application instructions on the scholarship website (see link below) before applying.

Visit the scholarship website for details

Award Provider: American Concrete Institute

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