10 Universities in Germany to Study Fully Funded for International Students

10 German universities will study for free | How to apply | Tips: Germany is one of those places in the world with a good study environment and quite welcoming for international students. Free universities in Germany are listed in this article for foreign students who want to study in Germany. A large number of universities in Germany are known to offer internationally recognized programs at a relatively cheaper cost than those in the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. German universities are now generally notorious for not charging tuition fees as per policy. of the government. However, some private universities in Germany still charge tuition fees.

It is also important to note at this point that although universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees, students end up paying the tuition fees according to the following quote from a reputable one;

“There are no free universities in Germany, as it is compulsory to deposit € 8,700 into a blocked account before the applicant can apply for a student visa and after arriving in Germany the money cannot be withdrawn once, unlike other countries like Italy, whose tuition fees start from 800 to 3000 € after partial payment, the prospectus is good to apply for a visa, in Spain the tuition fee starts from 2000 to 75000 € without blocked account without initial deposit,… ”

Free study in Germany mainly applies to undergraduate programs, as most postgraduate programs are paid, except when scholarships are awarded. Students have the opportunity to apply for scholarships in Germany and other funding opportunities where they cannot afford tuition and other study costs in Germany.


List of free universities in Germany for international students *

Humboldt University of Berlin
Technical University of Munich
Ludwig Maximilians University
Karlsruher Institute of Technology
University of Hamburg
University of Heidelberg
Free University of Berlin
Technical University of Berlin
Darmstadt University of Technology
University of Stuttgart
* The list on this page does not in any way give the ranking of universities in any order.

Description of Tuition Free Universities Listed in Germany for International Students:


Humboldt University is one such free university in Germany, famous for its wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses covering natural sciences, arts and humanities, being one of the best universities in the world . The Humboldt University of Berlin was established in 1810 and is located in the Mitte district of Berlin, with a student population of 32,000.

The school has made a huge mark with more than 50 Nobel Laureates counted among the alumni of the university and is further associated with critical advancements in science, including the discoveries of Albert Einstein himself.

University website
Scholarship opportunities


This university was established in 1868 and since then it has produced around 17 Nobel Prizes to demonstrate its research strength and the excellent training it offers. One of its areas of expertise is STEM fields, international students interested in these fields can apply to study for free.

University website
Scholarship opportunities


It has been ranked among the top 100 universities in the world and has produced over 40 Nobel Prizes. The university is one of the oldest in Germany and currently also one of the largest in terms of student population with over 50,000 students. It offers courses ranging from physical sciences, law and medicine to business. As a public research university, it offers free education to national and international students.

University website
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The Karlsruher Institute of Technology (KIT) is a young public research university recently established in 2009 and located in Karlsruhe in southern Germany. Despite its age, the institution has grown into one of the largest institutes of higher education in Germany and has also grown into one of the leading European centers of engineering and natural sciences.

University website
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Because this is an order of the University of Hamburg, in 1919, the distance of fifteen people and a school in the production of freely educated and popular people, thanks to these employments of life all over the world, graduates became rich. It is considered one of the best universities for international students to study in German schools and a donation of 600 million euros.

university Web page
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6. Walldorf

Walldorf, Press Karls University in Heidelberg, is clearing the State University research in Heidelberg, Germany. As a result, it was founded in 1386 on the world’s oldest existing universities. Besides Germany, there are also the best universities in the world.

university website
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7.Free University of Berlin

Boston University was founded in freedom, West Berlin’s Cold War era freedom, and represented in the east, the lack of freedom was in stark contrast to Marburg. The University is an internationally recognized International scheme that aims to offer free education to students.

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8. DE Technical University Berlin

Established as a research university in 1879, the university has reached a current population of approximately 34,000 students studying 200 agents in different ways and for reasons. The university focuses on the technology-based program of which tu9 is a member, the technology focus in Germany and institutes.

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9. DARMSTADIVM University of Technology

Darmstadt University of Technology (officially Darmstadt Technical University -tfl Darmstadt) prestigious research institution, headquartered in the German city of Darmstadt. The University was founded in 1877, is known and recommends this specialty to Alberti V. Haller! In Darmstadt, Germany you are considered a part and member of the tu9 network and is a powerhouse for education in computer science and information technology studies. It’s an already made game and one of the leading research universities to accomplish great things, as it will grow in both Europe and Germany.

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10. DE Roma

It ranked 263rd in the world, University of Rome, QS University Rankings, 2016-17. Founded in 1829 and gained world-class undergraduate and postgraduate reputation, it gained power in the gospel of itself and the natural sciences, from the wide spectrum of the best technology responsible for its education in the country. Tuition-free schooling offers a few exceptions, the price doesn’t burden too much on the master.

university website
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The case study you are interested in in Germany, you can apply to any of the above universities in Germany and get free tuition. While the index is not absolute, we cannot say that you do not like searching for more information available to you.

You can also apply these to fully funded scholarships for study in Germany for your dream course.

You can also learn Morbi adipiscing enim if you are a student of postgraduate postgraduate study in Germany and want to act in the update that refuses the Germans’ order for fully Funded Graduate students.

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